Bitrix Site Manager


The CAdminListRow class is used to manage rows of the report tables on the Control Panel pages. To create a CAdminListRow instance, call CAdminList::AddRow which returns a reference to CAdminListRow.


The class methods allow to configure the format of the row cells format for view and edit modes.

Method Description
AddField Adds a generic editing mode field.
AddCheckField Adds a checkbox field.
AddSelectField Adds a drop-down list field.
AddInputField Adds a generic text input field.
AddCalendarField Adds a date editing field.
AddViewField Adds a field to a report table cell. Unlike other methods, the field will be displayed in the view mode.
AddEditField Adds a text edit field.
AddActions Configures a context menu for table row.

You can add as many fields as required to the same cell.


You can find a detailed example of creating a report table here.