Bitrix Site Manager


  string $url

The method ActionPost returns a string which is a JavaScript call that redirects a user to a specified page using the POST method dispatching a form that contains a list of changes. The link to the page is defined in the $url parameter. The method can be used to create links for the Control Panel menu or a list element context menu.


// create a row; the result is the CAdminListRow class instance
  $row =& $lAdmin->AddRow($f_ID, $arRes); 
// build the context menu
  $arActions = Array();

  if ($Elem["PERMISSION"] > "R")
    $arActions[] = array("SEPARATOR" => true);
    $arActions[] = array(
      "ICON" => "rename",
      "TEXT" => GetMessage("FILEMAN_RENAME_SAVE"),
      "ACTION" => 'setCheckbox(\''.$f_NAME.'\'); if('.$lAdmin->table_id.'.IsActionEnabled(\'edit\')){document.forms[\'form_'.$lAdmin->table_id.'\'].elements[\'action_button\'].value=\'edit\'; '.$lAdmin->ActionPost().'}'
  // attach the context menu to the row