Bitrix Site Manager


    array $arMenu

This class allows to create a Control Panel menu normally displayed above the main table (only for users who has permission for editing). Menu configuration is passed in a constructor parameter - an array whose elements are associated arrays containing the following keys:

Key Description
TEXT The menu item text.
TITLE The text of a menu item tooltip.
LINK The button link.
LINK_PARAM Additional parameters of the link (<A>) tag.
ICON The CSS class of an action icon .
HTML Explicitly sets the HTML code of a menu item.
SEPARATOR Specifies a separator (true/false).
NEWBAR Starts a new block of menu items (true/false).
MENU The key creates a drop-down submenu. The value is specified similarly to the table row context menu.


// Let's build a menu containing only item: add maillist
$aContext = array(

// and attach it to the list
$oMenu = new CAdminContextMenu($aContext);