Bitrix Site Manager

Viewing mail messages

The Message view form displays the text and properties of the selected message. The form fields are described below.

Mail message view form ("Message" tab)

Field Description
Date The date when the message was received.
From The sender of the message.
To The recipient of the message.
Subject The subject of the message.
Attachments Files attached to the message (attachments).
Message status Mnemonic status of the message and probability that this message is SPAM.

- message has no status;
- message was read and not SPAM;
- message was read and is SPAM;
- message wasn't read, no status;
- message wasn't read, not a SPAM;
- message wasn't read, SPAM.

Train If you want to instruct the system how to handle messages similar to this one, select the desired  action and click Apply.
Apply manual rules Allows to select rules marked as Manual, and apply them upon saving.
Delete messages after processing Checking this box will delete the message upon saving.

Mail processing log

This box contains rules and actions applied to the message. The field is intended for information purposes only.