Bitrix Site Manager

New mailbox (mailbox editor)

The Mailbox properties form is designed to create a new e-mail account or edit the existing one from which messages will be received. To create a new mail box, fill in the appropriate form fields and click the Save button.

Context bar

Button Description
Mailbox list Opens the 
Add a new mailbox
Delete mailbox

Mailbox editing form ("Mailbox" tab)

Field Description
Site The site on which this mailbox is active.
Active The mailbox active state flag. If the mailbox is inactive, it will not be checked for new messages.
Name Any name of an e-mail account.
Description The mailbox description.
Mail server (POP3) / port The address of a mail server to be used for receiving messages, and the port used for connection (usually 110).
Logon name The name of an e-mail account on the mail server.
Password The password used to log in to the mail server.
Use safe (MD5) authorization Specifies the use of a secure authorisation protocol (MD5). Not all mail servers support this feature.
Check interval Time interval, in minutes, between automatic attempts to check for new messages on the server.
Maximum number of messages received at a single connection This field sets a limit for the number of messages to be received in one connection session. If there are more messages on the server than is specified in this parameter, other messages will be received during the next session.
Delete received messages from server If this option is enabled, messages will be deleted from a mail server after they are received and saved in the system. This is the way that the most e-mail softwares function.

If you want to receive messages using your e-mail client as well (e.g. for back-up purposes), do not enable this option.