Bitrix Site Manager

How to create a news information block

Perform the following actions to create a new information block News.

  1. Open the News information block type form (Administration section -> Content -> News).
  2. Click Add information block.

  3. Check the Record active box to make the new block visible in the public section.
  4. Specify the section symbolic code (company_news). The symbolic code is provided to aid developers to display information in the public section.
  5. Select the site to display news of this section (English).
  6. Type in the section name (Company news).
  7. Set the sort index.
  8. Set the values of the fields Page with list of elements and Page with detailed view. For the news to display correctly, you have to set the following URL's:
    • Page with list of elements: #SITE_DIR#/about/news/index.php?ID=#IBLOCK_ID#
    • Section view page: #SITE_DIR#/about/news/list.php?ID=#ID#
    • Detailed view: #SITE_DIR#/about/news/detail.php?ID=#ID#
  9. Enable indexing sections and elements of the information block.
  10. Upload an image to be used with the information block. The image will be displayed in the list of information blocks.
  11. Type the description. The description text will be displayed in the list of information blocks.
  12. If properties are required to describe elements, add properties to the information block.

    For example, for each news of the Company news information block you can specify an information source and an author. Open the Properties tab and create the properties: Source and Author. Later, when creating the news, you will be prompted to fill in these fields.

  13. Assign the required permissions to user groups for this information block.
  14. Click Save to save the new information block.