Bitrix Site Manager

How to add news

Perform the following actions to publish news.

  1. Open the News information block editing form (Administration section -> Content -> News).
  2. Select the information block to which you want to add news (e.g. Company news).
  3. In the action column menu, select the item titled after the element name (News)to open a list of all news of this block.

  4. In the list of news, click Add.
  5. Enable the Record active option to make the news available in the public section.
  6. Specify the period of time during which the record is active. Click the button beside the Active period field to invoke a calendar to select dates. The news will be displayed starting from the date that you specify here.

  7. Provide the news title.
  8. Enter the short description of a news. The short description will be displayed in the list of news.
  9. Type in the full text of the news.
  10. On the Groups tab, choose a section of the information block to which the news relates.
  11. Open the More tab if you want to assign a sort weight or symbolic identifier to the news.
  12. Click Save to add the news and go back to the list of news.