Bitrix Site Manager

How to create a new information block type

  1. Open the form displaying available information block types (Content -> Information blocks -> Information block types).
  2. Click Add new type.
  3. Specify the symbolic code of the new information block type in the Identifier field. This can be a set of arbitrary Roman letters meaningful to the administrator. For example, photogal for the PhotoGallery type.
  4. Enable the Use sections to classify elements option if you want information blocks of the new type to contain sections.

  5. Provide the name of the information block (Name) for all languages in the system.
  6. Type the title of the information block sections (if it contains sections).
  7. Specify the element name. For example, News for the News type, or Product for the Catalog type.
  8. Click Save. After the save, the new type will be available in the left menu.