Bitrix Site Manager

Exporting the information block contents

In this section

  • Step 1. Information block
  • Step 2. Export settings
  • Step 3. Result
  • The Catalog export form serves to export the information block contents to a CSV file.

    Step 1. Information block

    Field Description
    Export information block Select here the information block whose data is to be exported to a CSV file.

    Click Next to proceed.

    Step 2. Export settings

    In this form you have to specify how the export procedure is to be performed.

    Field Description
    File format settings
    Delimiter Choose the symbol with which fields are to be separated in the output file.
    First row is a header Check this box if you want the first row of the output file to contain field names.
    Assign database fields to file fields
    Field Description
    Export Check this box if you want this field to be exported to the output file.
    Field name Names of the fields to be exported.

    Be sure to select at least one of the fields Unique identifier (B_IBLOCK_ELEMENT.XML_ID) or Name (B_IBLOCK_ELEMENT.NAME). These fields are used to match database fields to file fields.

    Sort order These fields define the order in which the fields will be positioned in the output file.
    Output file
    Data file name Type here the full path name of the output file, relative to the site root. For example: /upload/export_file.csv.

    If a file with such name already exists, it will be overwritten.

    To revert to the previous step, click Back. To start the export procedure, click Start.

    Step 3. Result

    This screen displays the export results, and a link which can be clicked to download the generated CSV file to a local computer. You can click Back to first step if you want to export more data.