Bitrix Site Manager

Create a new forum

  1. Open the forum management page (Services -> Forums -> List of forums).
  2. Click New forum.
  3. Select the Active checkbox.
  4. Select the sites on which this forum should be accessible, and specify the path templates to the forum messages on each of these sites (for generation of links in messages from the forum and for indexation in the search module).
  5. Choose the sorting order. The higher the sorting order value, the lower the forum will be displayed in the forums list.
  6. Enter the forum title in the Forum title field.
  7. Prepare a brief description of the forum to be displayed in the forums list in the site public section.

  8. If needed, select the following checkboxes:
    • Allow HTML – HTML code usage in the message text;
    • Allow references (<a href=...>) – hyperlinks usage in the message text;
    • Allow B, U, I (<b> <u> <i>) tags – select the text style: bold, underline, italic;
    • Allow images (<img src=...>) – images usage in the message text;
    • Allow lists (<ul><li>) – lists creation;
    • Allow quoting (<quote>) – allows to quote other user’s messages;
    • Allow codes (<code>) – code usage in the text message;
    • Allow fonts (<font color=...>) – allows font modifying in the message text (font color and face);
    • Allow smileys - smileys usage in the message text.
  9. Selecting the Premoderating checkbox will turn on the premoderation mode: user messages will be posted on the site only after they have been checked by the moderator (site administrator or a user with the appropriate rights).
  10. Choose the sorting type and direction. If descending sorting by the last message date is chosen, the new posts will be displayed higher than the old ones.
  11. Define the forum access rights for various user groups.
  12. Click the Save button.

Users with moderator rights can view the IP and ID of the forum message author (user ID is available for viewing only if the statistics module is installed and the user has the right to use it). The information about the author is located to the left of the forum text message. Using this information, you can obtain detailed information about the user and track his activity on the site by means of the statistics module.