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Editing the points for message settings

In this section

  • Context bar
  • Editing form
  • Control buttons
  • This form can be used both for creating new records containing the number of points for message and for editing the existing ones.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Records Opens a page containing the list or records containing the number of points assigned for a message.
    New record Creates a new record in this form. The button is displayed when editing the existing record only.
    Delete record Deletes the current record.

    Editing form

    Field Description
    ID The ID of the record in the system.
    *Minimum number of messages Number of messages which, when reached, indicates that a number of points specified in Points for message will be added for each subsequent message.
    Points for message Number of points assigned for a message when the number of messages specified in Min number of messages is reached.

    * - Required fields.

    Control buttons

    Button Description
    Save Saves the record parameters. Opens the page with the list of records.
    Apply Saves the record parameters. Editing continues.
    Cancel Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.

    When the record parameters are modified, the number of user's points will be re-counted after a user posts a subsequent forum  message or the next time this user is voted for.