Bitrix Site Manager

Forum groups

In this section

  • Context bar
  • List of forum groups
  • The Forum groups page (Services -> Forums -> Groups) contains the list of existing groups and allows to create and modify new ones.

    Groups are used to classify forums in the site public section. For example, you can group all the forums regarding one specific product or topic: the Licensing forum, the Usage forum etc.

    Each forum can be bound to one of the forum groups or not.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    New forum group Opens a form in which you can create a new forum group.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

    List of forum groups

    Column Description
    Checkbox column Selects the groups to which the desired actions are to be applied.
    Action menu
    Actions on a forum group:
    • Modify group settings - edits forum groups;
    • Delete group - deletes forum groups. Deleting a group will not incur deleting the forums which belong to this group.
    ID The unique ID of the forum group.
    Sort The forum group sort weight. Defines the group position in lists. The lower is the value, the higher the group will be positioned in lists.
    Name The name of the group displayed in the site public section.