Bitrix Site Manager

Creating and editing a forum

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  • Editing form
  • Forum
  • Settings
  • Access
  • Control buttons
  • This form can be used to create a new forum and edit existing forums.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Forums Opens a page containing the list of forums.
    New forum Creates a new forum in this form. The button is displayed when editing the existing forum only.
    Delete forum Deletes the forum being edited.

    Editing form

    "Forum" tab

    This tab is used to specify the forum parameters.

    Field Description
    Active Specifies whether the forum is active or not. Inactive forums are available only to those users who have full access to them.
    Forum Group The group to which the forum belongs. None is possible (i.e. the forum does not belong to any group).
    *Sorting index The forum sort weight. Defines the forum position in lists. The higher the field value is, the lower is the forum position in lists.
    *Forum name The arbitrary forum name.
    Description The forum description. The description will be displayed in the public section below the forum title.
    Sites where this forum is available / Path template to forum message
    Site Sites on which the forum will be available.
    Path template The template of the path to the forum messages of this site. The field is used when sending e-mails from the forum and indexing the forum messages in the Search module.

    Example of path template:

    Variables #FORUM_ID#, #TOPIC_ID# and #MESSAGE_ID# are automatically replaced with the real forum ID, topic ID and message ID when the template is used.

    * - Required fields.

    "Settings" tab
    Field Description
    Use HTML Allows or disallows the use of HTML code in the message text. It is not recommended to use an arbitrary HTML code in the forum needlessly, as this greatly affects the forum security.
    Convert new line into <br>
    Replaces carriage returns (new lines) with a <br> tag. In the HTML mode the message text is displayed “as is”, i.e. without any transformations.
    Allow links Allows hyperlinks in messages.
    Allow B, U and I tags Allows bold, italic and underline text highlighting.
    Allow images Allows images in the message text. Images are to be located on the third-party sites. Only references to these images are used in the message text.
    Allow lists Allows creation of lists.
    Allow quotations Allows quoting messages of other users.
    Allow code Allows code tag in messages.
    Allow fonts Allows to modify the font and colour of the text.
    Allow smileys Allows smileys in messages.
    Allow upload Allows uploading and inserting the specified files in messages. Possible values are:
    • no - upload is forbidden;
    • images - upload only images (gif, jpg, png, jpe, jpeg);
    • files with the specified extensions - upload files with the extensions from the Allowed extensions of loaded files field;
    • any files - upload any files. Do not permit uploading the scripts and executable files needlessly as this can let malicious persons completely destroy your site.
    Allowed extensions of loaded files Files extensions permitted to be uploaded to the site (for more details, see the description of the previous field).
    Premoderated Turns on the pre-moderated mode: the user messages will be published on the site only after being 
    Ask unregistered user for E-Mail Defines whether an unregistered user will be asked for an e-mail address while trying to post a message or not.
    Use CAPTCHA Specifies to use special mechanism to prevent unauthorised automated posts.
    Sort by Default sorting of the topics within a forum in the site public section. Choose the sorting type and direction. For example, if you choose descending sorting by the last message date, the new posts will be displayed higher than the old ones.
    Sort direction Sorting direction for the specified sort type.
    New message registration in the Statistics module
    This section is used to specify identifiers that are used to register creating a new forum message in the Statistics module.
    event1 The event type identifier event1.
    event2 The event type identifier event2.
    event3 The additional event type identifier event3.
    "Access" tab

    This field group is used to define forum access rights for each registered user group. The rights have the following default values.

    Field Description
    [A user group]

    The forum access level assigned to this user group:

    • No access - prohibits the access to the forum;
    • Read - allows reading the forum messages without the right to create new topics;
    • Reply - allows to take part in discussions without the right to create new topics;
    • New topic - allows both to discuss the existing topics and to create new ones;
    • Moderate - allows to moderate the forum, i.e. make various actions, which will not cause the real data loss. For example, moderators can hide or show a message, but cannot edit or delete it. Members of this group receive all forum message copies via the e-mail.
    • Modify - allows managing messages of other forum users;
    • Full access - allows full access to the forum, including access to the forum settings and to the access right settings;

    Higher rights inherit lower rights (i.e. if a group has the right to moderate the forum, it surely has the right to read and reply messages, create new topics, but has no right to edit messages). If a user belongs to several groups, highest of their rights is assigned when defining their access right.

    Control buttons

    Button Description
    Save Saves the forum parameters. Opens the page with the list of forums.
    Apply Saves the forum parameters. Editing continues.
    Cancel Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.