Bitrix Site Manager

How to create a new web form

To create a new web form, complete the following:
  1. Open the list of forms in the administrative section (Services -> Web forms Manage Forms).
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a new web form name in Name field.
  4. Enter a form character code into Identifier field. This code will be used in customizing the form display options in the public site section.
  5. Specify the sorting order. The higher is the value, the lower the form will be positioned in the list.
  6. Specify menu options for the administrative site section, which provide access to the results tables. Also specify user groups access rights for this form and other.
  7. Choose the  interface language of the web form.
  8. Enter text, which will be displayed on the sending from results button (for example, Save).

  9. Load an image from the local computer. It will be displayed in the public section of the site next to the form name and description.
  10. Enter the web form description, either as the plain text or HTML code.
  11. Click Apply to make new settings effective.
  12. Now you can define templates for:
    • Displaying the form;
    • Displaying the result;
    • Printing the result;
    • Modifying the result;
    • Sending results via the e-mail (e-mail templates can be automatically generated).

    The Create link can be used to generate an e-mail template.

    You can go to the template editing page by clicking the View Template link.

  13. You have the possibility to register the form filling and saving events in the statistics module. Also, this tracks the form filling activity dynamics on daily basis. Specify the event type identifiers for the statistics module in the form settings.

  14. Define user groups access rights for this form. You can specify the following access rights types:
    • Access denied;
    • Form filling;
    • Work with the result according to its state;
    • Work with all results according to their states;
    • Viewing the form parameters;
    • Full access.

    For more information, refer to the Assigning user web forms access rights topic.

  15. Click Save to add a new form and return to the forms list. Press Apply to save all changes and remain on the form editing page. To clear all fields, click Clear.

As soon as the form is created, you can create form questions and fields.