Bitrix Site Manager

How to create web form questions

The form question is the collection of the question text and input fields, intended to enter questions to it.

To create form questions, complete the following:

  1. Open the list of web forms (Services -> Web forms -> Manage Forms).
  2. Click the plus sign + in the Questions column of the form to which you want to add questions.

  3. In the question creation form, select whether the question is active or not.
  4. Select the sorting order.
  5. Enter the question character code into the Identifier field.
  6. Select the Required checkbox, if the question answer is mandatory.

  7. If needed, load the question image from the local computer.
  8. Use plain text or HTML Code to enter the question text. You can use an HTML-editor.
  9. Enter a service comment.
  10. Fill in answer fields. Text - for answer variants (for dropdown, multiselect, radio, checkbox field types). Other fields leave blank.
    Value - additional parameter, which can be used for a definite answer identification (for example in the lists). The field types are:
    • text - single line text;
    • textarea - multi line text;
    • multiselect - multiply selection;
    • dropdown - single selection;
    • radio buttons set - single choice alternative;
    • checkbox buttons set - multiple choice;
    • fields for image input;
    • fields for date with built-in calendar input.
    Width answer field width; available for text, textarea, image, date field types;
    Height answer field heigh; available for textarea, multiselect field types;
    Parameters this field can be used to display input element style and to assign special identifiers:
    • SELECTED when assigning this identifier, an input field will be selected; Available for: multiselect, dropdown, radio, checkbox;
    • NOT_ANSWER when assigning this identifier, if the required checkbox is selected and visitor chooses this answer, it will not be considered as the answer to a mandatory form question. Available for: dropdown, radio, multiselect, checkbox;
    • NOW_DATE displays the current date in date field;
    • NOW_TIME displays the current time in date field.
    Sort. (Sorting) Answer field sorting order;
    Act. (Active) if deselected, the field can not be observed in the public section of the site;
    Del. (Delete) field deletion. When working with the fields of text, textarea, date, image type you need to put a space in the Text field.
  11. Select Show in the result table field to display questions for this answer in the result table.
  12. You can enter text, which will be displayed as column heading in the result table, in the Text for result table field. If you leave this field blank, the question text will be used as a heading.
  13. Select Filter fields field to specify how the result table filtering by this question will be conducted and what fields will be used in this filtering. The following field types are provided:
    • single line text field;
    • range of numbers;
    • range of dates
    • single choice dropdown list.
  14. You can enter text, which will be displayed near the selected fields of the filter by result table, into Text for Filter field.