Bitrix Site Manager

How to create web form fields

The form Field is intended for data storage, defined after saving of the filled form (after saving the result). To create a field:
  1. Specify a character code in the Identifier field.
  2. Specify order of sorting.
  3. Enter field heading.
  4. Enter service comment.
  5. Specify this field type:
    • text
    • integer
    • date
  6. Select the Show in result table field to display the data, stored in this field, in result table and to display fields for result filtering by values, stored in this field, in the filter. The filter fields will be selected according to the field type:
    • Text type complies with single line filter text field;
    • Integer type complies with range of numbers;
    • Date type complies with range of dates.
  7. Single line text field allows to use logical expressions. The syntax is:
    • & (logical AND)
    • | (logical OR)
    • ~ (logical negation)
    • () parentheses for conditions grouping
    Logical operation priorities in filter fields are identical to the ones in mathematic.
  8. You can enter text to be displayed as column heading in the result table, in the Text for result table field.
  9. Select the Show in the filter by result table field to choose and display the appropriate field in the filter by result table according to the field type.
  10. You can enter text, which will be displayed next to the selected fields of the filter by result table, into Text for Filter field.