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List of statuses

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  • List of statuses
  • How to create a status
  • How to modify a status
  • This page contains the list of form statuses. Each form result can be assigned a definite status, for example: accepted to consideration, published, rejected etc. For each status, you can assign different access rights for user groups and for the result creator, individually.


    This form is used to find web form statuses matching the specified criteria.

    Field Description
    ID* The status ID.
    Active Specifies whether the status is active or not.
    Title* The status title.
    Description* The description of the status.
    Results Range that allows to filter statuses by the number of results.

    * - in these fields, you can use special logical expressions.

    To filter statuses by the specified search criteria, click Set filter. To show all statuses, click Cancel.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Add Opens a form in which you can create a new status.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

    List of statuses

    Column Description
    Checkbox column Selects statuses to which the desired actions are to be applied.
    Action menu
    Actions on the status:
    • Modify - edits the status parameters;
    • Copy - duplicates the status into a new one;
    • Delete - deletes the status.
    ID The status ID.
    Modified The date the status was last modified.
    Active Specifies whether the status is active or not.
    Sort. The status sort weight. Defines the field position in lists.
    Default Specifies the status is assigned to all newly created results by default.
    Title The status title.
    Description The description of the status.
    Results The number of results in this status. The link opens the list of these results.

    How to create a status

    To create a new status, click the Add button on the context bar.

    How to modify a status

    To modify a status, click Modify in the Action menu of the corresponding status.