Bitrix Site Manager


 int form_id,
 array permission = array("MOVE"), 
 int owner_user_id = 0

The method GetDropDown returns a list of statuses as a CDBResult instance in the format suitable to display a single selection drop-down list.

The resulting list will contain statuses of the specified web form form_id. A status will be included in the resulting list only if the current user has at least one of the permissions specified in the parameter permission.


Parameter Description
form_id The web form ID.
permission Array of permissions one of which the current user must have. The following values are possible in this array:
  • VIEW - view permission;
  • MOVE - permission to change status;
  • EDIT - edit permission;
  • DELETE - delete permission.
Optional. Array("MOVE") by default which means the current user must have the permission to change the result status.
owner_user_id If the method is used to build a drop-down list of available statuses of the specified result, pass the ID of the user that created the result in this parameter (result owner, result field is USER_ID).

Optional. 0 by default.

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$FORM_ID = 4; // The web form ID

// obtain the list of all the available statuses
// the current user has the permission to view
$rsStatuses = CFormStatus::GetDropdown($FORM_ID, array("VIEW"));

// display the drop-down list
echo SelectBox("STATUS_ID", $rsStatuses, "(select status)", htmlspecialchars($STATUS_ID));