Bitrix Site Manager


 int status_id,
 string check_rights = "Y",
 mixed form_id = false

The method Copy copies a status. Returns the ID of the new status on success, or false otherwise.


Parameter Description
status_id The ID of the status which is to be copied.
check_rights Flag specifying the current user permissions should be checked. One of the following values is possible:
  • Y - permissions should be checked;
  • N - no checks need to be performed.
A user must have the following permissions to copy a status:
  1. [25] view web form parameters for the source web form;
  2. [30] full access for the destination web form.
Optional. "Y" by default which means the permissions should be checked.
form_id The ID of the destination web form to which a status should be copied.
Optional. False by default which means that the current web form is used.

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$status_id = 1; // The status ID
// copy status
if ($NEW_STATUS_ID = CFormStatus::Copy($status_id))
    echo "The status #1 has been successfully copied to the new status #".$NEW_STATUS_ID;
    // display the error description
    global $strError;
    echo $strError;