Bitrix Site Manager


The CFormAnswer class is used to handle answers.


Field Type Description
ID int The answer Id.
FIELD_ID int The question ID (alias is QUESTION_ID).
TIMESTAMP_X datetime The time the answer parameters were last modified.
MESSAGE varchar(2000) The value of the answer parameter ANSWER_TEXT.
VALUE varchar(255) The value of the answer parameter ANSWER_VALUE.
FIELD_TYPE varchar(255) The answer field type. The following values are possible:
  • text - single line text input field;
  • textarea - multiline text input field;
  • radio - mutually exclusive button (radio button);
  • checkbox - multiple selection flags (checkbox);
  • dropdown - drop-down list;
  • multiselect - multiple selection list;
  • date - date input field;
  • image - image upload field;
  • file - file upload field;
  • password - password input field;
FIELD_WIDTH int Answer field width.
FIELD_HEIGHT int Answer field height.
FIELD_PARAM varchar(2000) Answer field parameters.
C_SORT int Sort index.
ACTIVE char Active state flag (Y|N).


Method Description
Set Adds a new answer or modifies the existing one.
GetList Returns a list of answers by the question ID.
GetByID Returns the answer parameters.
Copy Copies an answer.
Delete Deletes an answer and all result values bound to it.