Bitrix Site Manager


record set
 int FORM_ID,
 varchar &by,
 varchar &order,
 array arFilter=array(),
 boolean &is_filtered

The method returns a list of the forms states.


by Specifies the name of the field used to sort the output. The following values are possible:
  • s_id - by ID
  • s_timestamp - by the modification date
  • s_active - by the active state flag
  • s_c_sort - by sort weight
  • s_title - by title text
  • s_description - by description text
  • s_results - by number of results in this state
order Sort order. The following values apply:
  • desc - descending (default)
  • asc - ascending
arFilter Array used as the values filter. The following key names apply:
  • ID - status ID (complex logics allowed);
  • ACTIVE - active state of the status(Y/N);
  • TITLE - status title (complex logics allowed);
  • DESCRIPTION - status description (complex logics allowed);
  • RESULTS_1 - minimum number of results in this status;
  • RESULTS_2 - maximum number of results in this status.
is_filtered Contains true on return if the results has been filtered, or false otherwise.

Return Values

Returns a database record containing the form parameters. See Example for details on handling the result.


$rsStatus = CForm::GetStatusList($WEB_FORM_ID, $by, $order, array(), $is_filtered);
while ($arS = $rsStatus->Fetch()) 
     $arStatus[$arS["TITLE"]] = $arS["ID"];