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Uploading files

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  • Uploading files

    You can upload a file to the site from a local machine. The file will be stored in a folder currently opened in the Site Explorer. You can upload up to 5 files simultaneously.

    Form fields

    Field Description
    File name The name to be given to a file after it is uploaded to the site. By default, the original file name is specified.
    Upload file Specifies the name and path to the uploaded file. Click the Browse button to select a file.

    Control buttons

    Button Description
    Save Uploads the selected files. Opens the folder to which the file is uploaded.
    Apply Uploads the selected files. Clears the form fields for the next upload session.
    Cancel Cancels the file uploading. Switches to the folder currently opened in the Site Explorer.

    Example of uploading an image 

    1. Select the /images/ folder in the Site Explorer (it is the recommended location to store images).
    2. Click Upload file.
    3. Click Browse and select a file on your local disk. After you have selected a file, the File name field will contain the name of a selected file. The field Upload file will show path to the file on your local disk. If required, you can change the file name to the one which will be given to it after uploading.
    4. Click Upload files.