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  • Context bar
  • Site explorer fields
  • File and folder operations
  • Editing a section menu
  • The Site Explorer (Content -> Site Explorer) is a part of the system that provides a graphical user interface for accessing the site and file system objects. The Site Explorer's structure is similar to that of right pane of Windows Explorer and shows a list of files and folders. On the top level of the folder hierarchy are sites controlled by the system.

    The structure of the top level of a site is generally as shown on the following figure.

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    Usually, a web site is divided into sections (displayed as folders) containing files grouped by subject. The folders provide structured storage of information: web pages, templates, images etc.

    The table displays the following information: file or folder name, size, date of last modification, access permission level. To browse a folder, click a link with the folder name. By double-clicking the file row, you can open the file for editing.

     Context bar

    The Site Explorer menu is used to manage the folder contents and customize its settings.

    Button Description
    New folder Creates a new folder in the current folder.
    New file Creates a new file in the current folder.
    Upload file Uploads a file into the current folder from a local machine.
    Add menu Creates and adds a menu to the current section.
    Folder properties Allows to view and edit the current folder properties (modify the section name; edit the section access permissions and properties).
    Show access permissions for Shows a menu in which you can select a user group whose access permissions for files and folders are to be displayed in the Bitrix access permissions column.

    See also: Access permissions.
    Path To open a certain site folder, specify a path to the folder and click OK.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

    Site explorer fields

    Column Description
    Checkbox column Selects files and folders to which the desired actions are to be applied.
    Action menu
    Contains available actions on folders and files.

    Actions on folders:
    • Open - opens a folder in the Site Explorer;
    • Folder properties - opens the folder properties form;
    • Delete - deletes the selected folder.
    Actions on files:
    • Edit as text - edits the file in the text format;
    • Edit as HTML - edits the file in the HTML editor;
    • Edit as PHP - edits the native PHP code of the file;
    • Edit in the Workflow module - registers the file with the Workflow module and edits it in the HTML editor;
    • View file - view the file contents and its properties: size, last access and modification date;
    • Delete - deletes the file.
    Actions on menu description files:
    • Edit menu - edits the menu parameters and items;
    • Delete - deletes the file.
    Name The folder or file name.
    Size The file size, in bytes.
    Modified The date and time when the file or folder was last modified.
    Type The list element type:
    • Folder;
    • File (image, archive etc.);
    • System file;
    • Text document;
    • HTML document;
    • PHP script.
    Access permissions Access permissions to files and folders, at the operating system level.
    Bitrix access permissions The user group access permissions to files and folders.

    File and folder operations

    You can apply various actions to files and folders in the Site Explorer to change their content, location and properties.

    To apply any action to files and/or folders, you have to select the desired files by checking the corresponding boxes in the left column of the Site Explorer table. After that, you can use the Actions field in the command bar to select and execute the required operation:

    Select the required action and click Apply.

    Action Description
    Access Opens a form to edit the selected files and/or folders access permissions. To change access permissions, select the required permission for the user group and save changes.
    Copy Copies the selected files and/or folders to a folder specified in the destination field. You can select a folder by clicking .
    Move Moves the selected files and/or folders to a folder specified in the destination field. You can select a folder by clicking button .

    Editing the current section menu

    The Site Explorer shows menus of the current section as files named Menu type «XXX» (e.g., Menu type «top»). You can edit a menu by selecting the Edit menu command from the action menu.

    See also: Menu