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 string className,
 int taskbarSetPos,
 string taskbarTitle,
 array params

The oBXEditorUtils.addTaskBar method is used to add a user's taskbar to the visual editor. Requires that a user taskbar class to be declared beforehand (see also Adding custom taskbars).

Parameter Description
classNameThe name of the taskbar class.
taskbarSetPos Defines the taskbar position relative to the editing area.
0 At the top, over the editing area.
1 The left of the editing area.
2 The right of the editing area.
3 At the bottom, under the editing area.
taskbarTitle The name of the taskbar. Displayed in the title.
params Additional parameters.

Example of creating a taskbar


function CustomTaskbar()
    var oTaskbar = this;

    CustomTaskbar.prototype.OnTaskbarCreate = function()

    CustomTaskbar.prototype.UnParseElement = function(node)

    CustomTaskbar.prototype.OnElementDragEnd = function(oEl)

//Add the taskbar