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 string currency, 
 string lang = LANGUAGE_ID

The method GetCurrencyFormat returns an array of the language dependent parameters of the specified currency for the specified language.

The method is similar to CCurrencyLang::GetByID except the fact that the CCurrencyLang::GetCurrencyFormat result is cached. Therefore, the repeated calls with the same currency identifier and language ID within the same page does not incur extra queries to the database.


Parameter Description
currency Identifier of currency whose language dependent parameters are required.
lang The ID of the language for which the parameters are to be returned.

Return Values

Associated array containing the following keys.

Key Description
CURRENCY The three character currency code.
LID The language ID.
FORMAT_STRING Format string used to display amounts of this currency in LID.
FULL_NAME Full name of the currency.
DEC_POINT Symbol used as a decimal point when displaying amounts.
THOUSANDS_SEP Symbol used as thousands separator when displaying amounts.
DECIMALS Number of digits in the fractional part of an amount when displaying amounts.


function MyFormatCurrency($fSum, $strCurrency)
    if (!isset($fSum) || strlen($fSum)<=0)
        return "";

    $arCurFormat = CCurrencyLang::GetCurrencyFormat($strCurrency);

    if (!isset($arCurFormat["DECIMALS"]))
        $arCurFormat["DECIMALS"] = 2;

    $arCurFormat["DECIMALS"] = IntVal($arCurFormat["DECIMALS"]);

    if (!isset($arCurFormat["DEC_POINT"]))
        $arCurFormat["DEC_POINT"] = ".";

    if (!isset($arCurFormat["THOUSANDS_SEP"]))
        $arCurFormat["THOUSANDS_SEP"] = "\\"."xA0";

    $tmpTHOUSANDS_SEP = $arCurFormat["THOUSANDS_SEP"];
    eval("\$tmpTHOUSANDS_SEP = \"$tmpTHOUSANDS_SEP\";");
    $arCurFormat["THOUSANDS_SEP"] = $tmpTHOUSANDS_SEP;

    if (!isset($arCurFormat["FORMAT_STRING"]))
        $arCurFormat["FORMAT_STRING"] = "#";

    $num = number_format($fSum,

    return str_replace("#",

echo "The amount $11800.95 in the current language has the following format: ";
echo MyFormatCurrency(11800.95, "USD");