Bitrix Site Manager

Creating and editing the exchange rate

In this section

  • Context bar
  • Editing form
  • Control buttons
  • Context bar

    Button Description
    List Opens a form containing the list of currency rates.
    Create Creates a new currency rate in this form. The button is displayed when editing the existing rate only.
    Delete Deletes the rate being edited.

    Editing form

    Field Description
    ID The ID of the currency rate.
    *Date The date for which the rate is fixed.
    Currency The currency for which the rate is fixed.
    Face-value Amount of the currency unit (see also Currencies).
    *Rate The exchange rate of this currency, relative to the base currency. The Query button retrieves the exchange rates for the specified date from the Internet.

    * - Required fields.

    Control buttons

    Button Description
    Save Saves the currency parameters. Opens the page with the list of currency rates.
    Apply Saves the currency rate parameters. Editing continues.
    Cancel Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.