Bitrix Site Manager


At present, technology is developing progressively and offer yet more and more communication facilities. Low-speed devices used to work over the telephony cables (analogous modems) are now almost completely replaced with new science intensive solutions allowing to send immense information content at the speed of light: ADSL technology, fiber-optic and satellite networks. At the same time, many clients still use low-speed modems due to economy, simplicity of use or simply unavailability of modern solutions in their area. The Bitrix company always cares about your customers. This is why we have introduced page compression in our system, which allows to substantially retrench the amount of data transmitted from your site to a client. This technology is implemented in the Compression module.

The module compresses pages to speed up the data transfer from host to users. The module is able to decrease the amount of transferred HTML data by 4 to 20 times! This will appreciably increase the speed for both clients and site administrator.

The compression module has not customizable settings. You can estimate the efficiency by appending the parameter compress=Y to the URL in your browser. For example:

This will force the following table to display at the bottom of all pages:

Page size 38695
After compression 7375
Compress ratio 5.25

Notes for developers
To estimate the page generation time, you can use the parameter show_page_exec_time=Y, which will cause the page generation time to display in the left bottom corner of a page (in contrast to transmission time).