Bitrix Site Manager

Automated export to Yandex.Products

The Commercial Catalog module features exporting product catalogs to an XML file appropriate for uploading to the Yandex.Products system.

To make a catalog the subject of export, you should enable export to an XML file in the module settings. An XML file will be generated at an interval specified in the field Interval of export to Yandex.Products. The generated file will be available at http://your_site/upload/yandex.php. The default folder folder upload can be changed in the field Default upload folder of the main module settings form.

The file http://your_site/upload/yandex.php can accept auxiliary parameters referer1 and referer2 which are used for links to products regarding the advertising campaigns. For example, the following URL


will generate an XML file with links to product description pages in the following format:


If the parameter referer1 is omitted, it is set to yandext. For example: