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  • The Settings form is used to customize the module global settings.

    Export and import

    The Settings form of the commercial catalog is used to customize the module global settings.

    Parameter Description
    Type of information block to import from the CommerceML format Defines the type of catalog to receive the information imported from 1C.
    Automatically deactivate product if the price was not found (CommerceML) If checked, deactivates a product without any price assigned.
    Period of export to Yandex.Products Defines how often data items selected in the List of information blocks are exported to Yandex.Products. See Automated export to Yandex.Products for more information.
    Products not in CommerceML file Default action for products that are not found in the CommerceML file. This parameter is used when importing data from such files.
    Export to / Import from CSV
    Available product fields If products in your database has numerous fields, you could find it tiresome to select the required ones every time you perform export or import. This field allows to restrict displayed fields to the ones selected here.
    Available price fields Select here the price fields which will be available for the CSV export or import.
    Number of catalog levels Defines how many catalog levels will be available in the export or import files.
    Available group fields Here you can select the group fields available for selection when exporting data.
    Available currencies Currencies available for export or import.


    The system architecture assumes that an information block can be conferred a commercial catalog status, which imparts the utmost flexibility to the system. This group of settings allows to turn any existing information block into a commercial catalog and make the block a subject of export to Yandex.Products.

    Field Description
    Information block The name of an information block.
    Commercial catalog Enabling this option of a required information block empowers it with the commercial catalog features.
    Content selling If checked, this catalog can be used to sell information content.
    Export to Yandex.Products Check this box if the information block data is to be exported to Yandex.Products.

    Selling access

    On this tab you can select user groups whose membership can be sold in order to grant access to paid resources. For example, you can sell permissions to access a certain site section, file downloads, advertising or any other site resources. You can define a time period during which users can use the paid resources.

    Generally, selling access involves the following actions to be performed:

    Field Description
    User group The name of a user group.
    membership can be sold checkboxes Checking this box allows the membership of the respective user group to be sold.


    This form is used to customize access permissions for all user types in the system. What is more, by setting the default permission to the desired value, you can easily set permissions for users who have the <default> access rights.

    Field Description
    Default Changes the default permission. This affects all user groups that have the default access permission.
    [User group] Changes the permission of a specific user group. The following access permissions apply to the Commercial Catalog module:
    • deny - any access is denied;
    • read-only - users can only view the module files and settings;
    • write - full access.


    Button Description
    Save Saves the performed changes.
    Reset Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.
    Restore defaults Resets module settings to their default values.