Bitrix Site Manager

Entering prices

Nominating prices to products of the commercial catalog (or to elements in terms of information blocks) is performed as editing the information blocks elements. If the information block is marked as a product catalog in the Commercial Catalog module settings, you can assign prices to the element (product in terms of a product catalog).

The Base price field requires that you enter here the price value being the base for calculating other prices (for example, purchasing price).

Select the base price currency in the Base price currency field.

The In stock field is optional; here you can provide number of product units currently available.

Check the option Reduce quantity upon order if you want the value of the In stock field to automatically decrement when an order occurs. If this option is checked and the value of In stock becomes null, no further orders of this product are possible. If this option is unchecked, the In stock field is generally senseless. 

Set the values of different price types for the product, or choose the desired discount (or markup) type. In this case, the real value is calculated automatically on the basis of the base price and the discount rate:

[Price] = [Base price] + 
          [Base price] * [Discount/markup rate percentage] / 100

Currency of the resulting price always conforms to that of the base price. As soon as the base price or rate change, the dependant price is recalculated.

You can set the discount (markup) type to not set and specify the value and currency manually. In this case, the selling price is fixed and will not change when the base price or discounts change.