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Commercial Catalog

The Commercial Catalog is the module aimed to:

Product catalog relies upon the Information Blocks module functions. Using the Commercial Catalog module features requires that the Information Blocks module is also installed.

You can customize your product catalog using the Commercial Catalog menu and the module settings page (Settings -> System settings -> Commercial Catalog). Prices in the product catalog are controlled through forms of the Information Blocks module.

To make an information block behave as the product catalog, you have to mark these information blocks as catalogs on the commercial catalog settings page (Settings -> System settings -> Commercial Catalog).

Main commercial catalog features:

Price types
A single product may have different types of price assigned to it. Different user groups can be configured to view and use different price type. Thus, you can introduce retail prices available to all site visitors, and wholesale prices which can be viewed by all visitors but available only for dealing to members of the "Bulk buyers" group.
Extra charges or discounts
One of the catalog price types is declared a base price. All other prices can be calculated based on this price, or they can be fixed manually. Prices can be recalculated automatically given the base price and the extra rate.
Export and import in the CSV format
The module can export and import the whole catalog and prices to/from the CSV file (see the corresponding topics for detailed information on export and import).
Shopping cart interoperability
A product is always put in the shopping cart at the price most favorable for the user.

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