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Now there is several catalogs in the Internet accumulating information about the web shop stocks. Your promotion efforts will succeed if you post up-to-date and actual information about your stock to these catalogs.

A common requirement of such catalogs is that the stock information should be delivered in a special format. Bitrix Site Manager is capable of automising this task without developer's assistance. Currently the system implements the following export format:

For easier exporting the frequently used catalog sections to a required format, each format allows to create user profiles containing information about the product groups to be exported.

If your site runs on a UNIX-based system, you can schedule the catalog export operation to be performed regularly. This can be achieved by binding the required export profile to the cron daemon.

Another way to automate export is to use agent functions. An agent is the PHP function which is run on a scheduled basis. When a page request occurs, the system checks for pending agents and runs them if required.

You can bind export profiles to cron or create the agent function on this page (e-Store -> Commercial catalog -> Data export).

Export setup

Field Description
Action menu
Clicking the action button of any export profile opens a menu allowing to:
  • Export - runs the export profile;
  • Add to menu - adds the profile to the left menu;
  • Add agent - creates an agent function for automated export using this profile;
  • Bind to cron - binds the profile to cron;
  • Delete - deletes the profile.
Name The export format name.
File The filename of the export format script.
Profile The profile used by the export format template.

The default profile always asks for the information block whose catalog is to be exported. With custom profiles, the export is performed automatically using the information block specified when creating the profile.
In menu Specifies that the profile is added to the left menu for faster access.
In agents Specifies that an agent exist which is used to export the catalog on a scheduled basis.
On cron Specifies that the export profile is bound to cron.
Last run The date and time when the last export operation occurred.

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