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Creating and editing a price type

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  • Context bar
  • Form fields
  • Controls
  • This form is used to create and edit price types. Some form fields may be shown or hidden depending on the action: adding or editing a price type.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Price types Opens a list of price types.
    Add price type Creates a new price type in this form.
    Delete price type Deletes the currently edited price type.

    Form fields

    Field Description
    ID The price type ID in the database. This field is only displayed when editing an existing price type.
    Base If this field is set to Yes, this price type is the base price. Other price types are calculated from this price type.
    Code The symbolic code of the price type used in the administrative section to identify the price type.
    Sorting The price type sort order. Affects the position of the type in lists.
    Name The name of the type for different sites.
    User groups allowed to view prices of this type Select here user groups whose members can view prices of this type (in price lists etc.).
    User groups allowed to buy at prices of this type Select here user groups whose members can buy products and services at prices of this type.


    Button Description
    Save Saves the price type and opens the Price types form.
    Apply Click this button to save the price type and stay in this form.
    Reset Resets the form fields to their initial values.