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  • This page (Settings -> System settings -> Module settings -> Advertising and Banners) is used to edit the system-wide settings of the Advertising module.

    "Settings" tab

    The Settings tab contains general module settings.

    Use HTML editor (for IE 5.0 and higher only) Check this option to enable the visual HTML editor for editing the banner code.
    Banner dynamics retention period This parameter allows to limit the period of storing the daily information on clicks and shows.
    Graph width Graph width, in pixels.
    Graph height Graph height, in pixels.
    Pie chart diameter Pie chart diameter, in pixels.
    Banner views retention period This parameter allows to specify the period of storing the information on banner views by a visitor. As long as the information is kept, it is considered that a visitor viewed a banner.
    Banner click registration handler Path to a file containing the banner click registration script. The default script (/bitrix/rk.php) registers clicks in the Statistics module if it is installed. Otherwise, the script attempts to register clicks in the Advertising module.
    Subfolder for uploaded banners The name of the subfolder (relative to /upload/) in which all uploaded banner images are stored.

    Module access permissions

    This form allows to customize the user access permissions for the module.

    Field Description
    Default Controls the access permission level of all user groups whose permission level is set to default.
    user group Controls the access permission level for each user group, individually.
    • Deny [D] - any access to the administrative menu and files is prohibited.
    • Advertiser [R] - granted access to the administration menu and files; a user can only view the permitted contracts and contract banners. This permission mode is used for advertisers who publish their advertisement on your site.
    • Banner manager [T] - a user can manage contract banners but cannot edit the contract parameters (for contracts in which the appropriate user group is selected in the Manage banners field).
    • Demo access [V] - a user can view all contracts, banner types and banners as well as build graphs, but cannot modify anything. This permission mode is used in demo mode to allow a user to view information but not modify it.
    • Advertising administrator [W] - full access without restrictions.