Bitrix Site Manager

Adding a banner

To add a new banner to the site, do the following.

  1. Open the banner management form (Services -> Advertising -> Banners).
  2. Click Add banner.
  3. Choose the required contract to which a banner is to be added.
  4. Check the Active box so as to enable banner in the public section.
  5. Specify the show period for the banner. Click the button to open the calendar.
  6. Type the banner name (this text is displayed and meaningful in the administration section only);
  7. Specify a group to which the banner relates. You can type the name of a new group, or select an existing group in the list.
  8. Select the disposition of the new banner on a page (type).

  9. Upload the banner image.
  10. Enter the banner tooltip text. This text will appear when a visitor hovers the mouse over the banner.
  11. Enter the link to redirect a visitor upon click. You can use the referer1 and referer2 parameters in the link.
  12. Provide the banner HTML code if necessary. It is generally used in banner exchange. 

    If you are a member of a banner exchange system, and want to place a custom banner or banner of some other site that uses HTML code, you have to enter this code here. The HTML code may contain up to 5 random number macros %%RANDOM1%% .... %%RANDOM5%% which can be used to prevent displaying the same banners on a page simultaneously.
  13. Set the banner status:
    • approved the banner can be displayed on the site;
    • on approval banners in this state be displayed. This state indicates that a user taking over the advertising module should move the banner to either the approved or rejected state;
    • rejected when in this state, the banner cannot be displayed.
  14. Click the Restrictions tab to set the banner impression conditions.
  15. Specify banner weight (priority of displaying this banner over other banners; the higher is the value, the higher is the priority).
  16. Specify the maximum number of visitors to whom the banner will be displayed.
  17. Specify the maximum number of the banner impressions to the same visitor.
  18. Specify the maximum number of the banner impressions.
  19. Enable the Register clicks on this banner option if you want to register banner clicks in the Statistics module.
  20. Specify the maximum number of banner clicks which, when reached, deactivates the banner.
  21. Select one or more sites to show the banner.

  22. If required, specify the time and days of week when the banner is to be displayed.
  23. Click the Targeting tab.
  24. Choose sites on which the banner is to be displayed.
  25. If necessary, enter the pathnames of pages on which the banner must be only displayed.
  26. If necessary, enter the pathnames of pages on which the banner must not be displayed.

  27. If required, set the impression restrictions in respect of user groups.
  28. If you want to show the banner only on pages containing the required keywords, specify them.

  29. Specify the geographical targeting. To do so, select countries.
  30. If required, specify the advertising campaign targeting. The banner will be shown to visitors of the specified advertising campaigns.
  31. Customize the visitor advertising targeting (new visitors, returned visitors, all visitors).
  32. Click the Statistics tab to set the banner event registration parameters.
  33. Provide the values: event1, event2, event3. These values define event type identifiers. You can get a detailed description of event types here.

  34. You may leave a comment if necessary.
  35. Click Apply to save changes and continue editing, or click Save to add the banner and go back to the list of banners.