Bitrix Site Manager


The advertising management system provides for banner shows on your site by attaching the external banner system code or by using the internal banner rotation system. You can place the banner images or include the banner code in the HTML code of your pages.

You can specify the show period for a banner, number of shows, allow or disallow a banner to show on certain pages and sections of the site.

Each advertising area can show one or more banners. The internal banner rotation system selects  random banners to show. You can specify how frequently a banner will show by assigning a weight coefficient (show probability factor) to it. The greater is the weight value, the higher is the banner show probability.

The Advertising module can also handle the site counter shows.

The Advertising module uses the following terms.

Advertising block
is the certain advertising type that is to be shown in one or more advertising areas.
Advertising area
is a banner placeholder in the main template used to show advertising of various types.

The Advertising module interface allows to add both the new advertising and the new advertising block types. To add new advertising areas, you will need to edit the main show template.