Bitrix Site Manager


 varchar(255) TYPE_SID="",
 varchar(255) LOGIC="",
 char(1) EXACT_MATCH=""

The method returns all or part of an array containing keyword specified for the given page with the functions SetDesiredKeywords or SetRequiredKeywords.


TYPE_SID Symbolic identifier of the advertisement type. If specified, the method returns all keywords assigned to this type.
LOGIC Specifies which keywords of the banner to return from the specified advertisement type. Possible values:
EXACT_MATCH Specifies the type of keywords to return with respect to their match exactness settings.

If set to "Y", the method returns only those keywords which are required to fully match the sample.

If set to "N", the method returns keywords which are required to be at least a part of the sample.


    [LEFT] => Array
        [REQUIRED] => Array
            [Y] => Array
                [0] => GeForce
                [1] => Radeon
                [2] => AverTV
                [3] => Sony

    [TOP] => Array
        [DESIRED] => Array
            [N] => Array
                [0] => BMW
                [1] => top soft
                [2] => XP

The above array prescribe the following logics of the banner selection.

  1. Banners of the type "LEFT" exactly matching the keywords "GeForce", "Radeon", "AverTV", "Sony" will have the highest priority of the display.
  2. Banners of the type "TOP" that have at least one of the words of the list "BMW", "top soft", "XP" or part of a word will have the highest priority of the display..

If a page contains keywords, the following two scenarios are possible.

  1. No banners matching the keyword list are found. In this case, banners with an empty list of keywords are displayed according to their priority.
  2. More than one matching banners are found. In this case, a banner is selected that has the highest priority with respect to the priority of its contract.

Please remember that a full list of banner keywords is comprised by both banner keywords and keywords of a contract to which the banner is attached.