Bitrix Site Manager

Creating and editing the banner type

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  • Context bar
  • Editing form
  • Controls
  • Context bar

    Button Description
    List of types Opens a form containing a list of banner types.
    CTR graph Displays the CTR graph for banner of this type.
    Parameters Shows the banner type parameters.
    Add new type Creates a new banner type in this type.
    Delete Deletes the banner type currently opened for editing.

    Editing form

    This form is used to create and edit banner types.

    Notes for developers
    After you have created a new banner type, allocate an area where your banners will be displayed by calling $APPLICATION->ShowBanner(...) in the site HTML template.

    CreatedThe date and time the banner type was created; a user who created the type.
    Modified Modification date; a user who was the last to edit the type.
    Active Specifies whether the type is active or not.
    Sort order The sort weight; used when displaying the type in lists.
    Symbolic ID The symbolic identifier may include Roman letters, digits, underscores (_). This identifier can be further referenced in banner areas when creating the site design.
    Name The arbitrary type name.
    Description The description of the type.


    Button Description
    Save Saves changes. Returns to the list of banner types.
    Displayed when editing an existing banner type.
    Apply Applies current changes. Editing continues.
    Cancel Dismisses recent changes. Editing continues.