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  • This page displays a list of the advertising contracts.

    An advertising contract is a set of conditions applied to banner shows. A contract may have users assigned to it; the users may have different permissions for this contract.

    Contract owners are users who have certain permissions for a contract. Users can be assigned to a contract only if they are members of a group given the advertiser permission in the Advertising module settings.

    Click Through Rate (CTR) denotes the percentage of clicks to banner views. Expressed as percentage and calculated by formula: (C*100)/S, where C is the number of clicks and S is the number of shows. A 10% CTR banner is considered successful.

    A contract weight is a value affecting the probability of selecting the contract when choosing a banner for display. When the system selects a banner to be displayed in the public section, the system first selects a contact with the greater weight. The more is the contract weight, the more is the probability of the contract to be selected. After the contact is defined, the system tries to select a banner from this contract. The more is the banner weight, the more is the probability of the banner to be selected.


    Find Specifies to find contracts by the ID, name or HTML code.
    ID The ID of the required contract.
    Modified Specifies to find contracts that were modified within the specified period.
    Indicator With this field, you can find contracts by the indicator:
    • red matches inactive or expired contracts;
    • green matches active and non-expired contracts. 
    Site Finds contracts by the site on which the contract banners are displayed.
    Number of banners Specifies to find contracts having the specified number of banners.
    Visitors Finds contracts by the number of visitors who viewed banners of the matching contracts.
    Shows Finds contracts by the number of impressions of banners of the matching contracts.
    Clicks Specifies the total number of banner clicks of the sought contract.
    CTR (%) Finds contracts whose banners have the specified CTR.
    Owner ID, login, name The ID and/or login and/or name of an owner of the required contract.
    Title The title of the sought contract.
    Description Specifies an entry in the description of the sought contract.
    Administration comment Finds contracts by an entry in their comments.

    * - These fields allow using Boolean expressions. You can get information on the syntax by clicking on the symbol "?" next to the field. For exact matching searches using this field, mark the corresponding checkbox.

    Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Add contract Opens a form in which you can create a new advertising contract.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

    List of contracts

    Field Description
    Checkbox column Used to select banners to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
    Action menu
    Clicking the action button of any contract opens a menu:
    • Modify - opens the contract for editing;
    • View - views the contract parameters;
    • View CTR graph - shows the contract CTR graph;
    • Delete - deletes the contract. A default contract (with the ID of 1) cannot be deleted.
    ID The system contract ID. Clicking the link opens the contract for editing.
    Ind. Indicates the contract state:
  • the banner is inactive (e.g. expired);
  • the banner is active.
  • Modified The date and time the contract was last modified.
    Sites The sites on which the contract is effective.
    Sort The contract display order.
    Act. Indicates the contract is active. Only banners of active contracts can be displayed.
    Weight The contract weight. Defines the probability of selecting this contract for the banner show.
    Title The contract title.
    Banners Number of the contract banners. The link opens a list of banners.