CBPDocument is a helper class that contains static wrapper methods to conveniently use workflow module API.

For example, to launch a workflow by the code of its template, the following code can be used:

$runtime = CBPRuntime::GetRuntime();
$wi = $runtime->CreateWorkflow($workflowTemplateId, $documentId, $arParameters);

Or, the following method can be used:

string CBPDocument::StartWorkflow($workflowTemplateId, $documentId, $arParameters, &$arErrors)
which additionally processes exceptions, collecting them into an $arErrors array, and returns a workflow ID.

Class methods

MethodDescriptionAvailable from version
AddDocumentToHistoryThis method adds current document version into history.
AutoStartWorkflows This method launches workflows, configures for autorun.
CanOperate This method verifies, whether the specified user can perform the indicated operation, if the document is in the indicated statuses.
CanUserOperateDocument This method verifies, whether user can perform the specified operation with a document by means of requesting document entity.
CanUserOperateDocumentType This method verifies, whether user can perform the specified operation with documents of this type by means of requesting document type entity.
DeleteWorkflowTemplate This method deletes workflow template.
GetAllowableEvents This method returns an events array, which can be sent to workflow in a specified status by a specified user.
GetAllowableOperations This method returns an array of operations, which can be performed by the specified user, if the document has the indicated statuses.
GetDocumentState The method designed to work with a document returns the status of the indicated workflow.
GetDocumentStates This method returns an array of all workflows and their statuses for this document.
GetUserTasksForWorkflow This method returns a task array for this user in the specified workflow.
GetWorkflowTemplatesForDocumentType This method returns an array of workflow templates for this document type.
OnDocumentDelete This method deletes all records, associated with the workflows module record document.
SendExternalEvent This method sends an external event to a workflow.
StartWorkflow This method launches workflow by its template code. It's a recommended method to launch workflows.
TerminateWorkflow This method stops execution of workflow.
UpdateWorkflowTemplate This method modifies workflow template parameters.

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