UrlPreview class for handling rich links.

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Method Description Available from version
checkDynamicPreviewAccess Returns true if current user has access permissions for reading entity data accessed via internal link.
getDynamicPreview Returns HTML code for dynamic (internal URL) rich link.
getMetadataAndHtmlByIds Returns saved metadata for ID array.
getMetadataAndHtmlByUrl If URL is remote, returns data data for it. If URL - local, checks user for access to entity and returns rich link.
getMetadataByUrl Returns metadata, connected with specified URL.
isEnabled Checks, rich link use (UrlPreview) is permitted in the main module settings.
isUrlCached Checks, if specified URL metadata can be issued and cached.
reserveIdForUrl Creates temporary entry for URL.
resolveTemporaryMetadata Returns and stores metadata for temporary entry, created by the method reserveIdForUrl.
setMetadataImage Sets images with specified ID, showed for rich link.
showEdit Returns rich link HTML code for showing in edit mode.
showView Returns rich link HTML code.
sign Signs value using \UrlPreview.
getImAttach Returns attachment for a messenger message.

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